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Tracy K.
Bloomfield Hills, MI


I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place. It's a gem! The service was friendly and the food was amazing. My husband and I moved to the area from Chicago and haven't had wraps like this since the city. If you're craving great Indian flavors I highly recommend it. You can shop for some authentic Indian goods while you wait. It's a win win!

Tiffany D.

The other brought some home as a surprise - boy where these roti wraps amazing!
I got the Paneer and Chicken 65 wrap. Chicken and paneer were very tender. Paneer had a homemade taste to it, a lot of Indian places have a hardened version - I'm assuming the hard, untasty version = store bought/manufactured.
Unfortunately I can't really tell you what's in the rest of the wrap - I remember some onions, lettuce I think?, and some amazing sauces. I ate it too fast to even pay attention. 

Sorry I'm not much help to the cause! Just go there and get it! If you like Indian food, you'll definitely like this.
Complex flavors, and such a unique take on Indian food. I've been a bit disappointed with the restaurants in the area reinventing how we see traditional foods, but I have to say this has been my favorite so far.

Reasonably priced too - four roti wraps and two samosas? $16!

Marisa D.
Delicious. We got the rolls. It's basically two mini sandwiches grilled like a panini. You get to pick what meats you want. I got the chicken 65 and the chicken tikka. Then you get to pick the veggies including green pepper, red onion, spinach and two different sauces. It is super cheap too. Friendly staff. Will definitely be back.

Billy C.
Back again to try more amazing flavors. This place is fantastic. The owners and staff are very sweet and they create wonderful things not available in places except India itself. Highly suggest to all.

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